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IRA's "How's My Bank?" report product on U.S. banks answers the need for objective information on the safety and soundness of banking institutions. This product has high look-to-book properties when presented to the correct audience demographics. Click Here to see IRA's current Quantcast audience report.

IRA Bank Reports material is priced right for consumers yet deliver value far beyond the equity investment oriented offerings of competitors in the professional financial data and financial news categories. These reports are for people with money in a bank who need to monitor the safety and soundness condition of their bankers.

As an affiliate, you'll also participate in sales of IRA's Advanced Survey Tool upgrade to the IRA Bank Reports product. This powerful tool enables users to identify best of breed and not so well off institutions rapidly. It is an ideal product to aim at corporate CFO's and Treasurers as well as financial advisers and portfolio researchers.

You'll be committing to placing a dynamic link display, as shown below, in one or more prominent locations on your website and will be expected to make a reasonable effort to drive traffic to IRA.

Links are customized
for each affiliate.
Affiliate codes are
stored as cookies.

Your users click on the ad
to go to the
IRA Bank Report
product page.

Content based "Get Info On"
links adds additional editorial functionality
to your pages.

For email newsletter providers, IRA will supply you with link code to embed into your emails.

These links will direct your customers directly into the IRA "How's My Bank?" tool where they can register, login and purchase our bank reports. Your affiliate code gets credited whenever the person with your active affilite code cookie makes a purchase.

IRA affiliate codes are sticky; that is, your code's cookie is set whenever they navigate from your site to IRA and will remain active with your user for up to 30 days. It gets refreshed for 30 days automatically whenever they revisit several strategically places pages on the IRA website and product system.

Cookies honor referral recency. If a user comes in from your site, their computer's cookie is updated to reflect yours is the latest affiliate source they came from.

Single reports are $50.00 which gives the user a one-year key to view IRA reports on that institutiuon. That's four quarters of analytical distillations of FDIC Call Report updates. Industrial users such as CFA's typically purchase multiple reports.

The Survey Tool costs $500.00 per year for each user key to the search system.

New for 2009! The Corporate Monitor costs $500.00 per year for each user key to use the service. An amount to pay the fundamental data supply company uses to power the Corporate Monitor is subtracted as a Cost of Goods Sold from this amount prior to computing affiliate credits.

IRA is paying 20% net of PayPal fees and COGS content license costs, where applicable, in 2009 on affiliate sales credited to your code.

Note 1: Payments are only made to properly documented IRA affiliates. Ad hoc links by unaffiliated sites are appreciated but are not eligible for the program.

Note 2: All IRA material is protected by U.S. copyright law. Participation in this program is mandatory for all websites, blogs, and news services who wish to republish IRA's news and commentary material.

Steps to Affiliation

1. Contact IRA by sending the following information to us.
  • your business contact information including name, address, telephone number and email address
  • a brief description of your business
  • your website URL
  • a login ID IRA can use to evaluate your site, if needed
Send your affiliate information package to us at,

Institutional Risk Analytics
371 Van Ness Way, Suite 110
Torrance, California 90501
Tel. 310.676.3300
Fax. 310.943.1570

2. IRA will evaluate your site to determine business case suitability to participate in the program.

3. Upon approval, you will need to sign an Affiliate Agreement and supply IRA with a copy for your business's IRA Form W-9.

4. Upon completion of paperwork, IRA will assign your affiliate code and supply you with your links.

To discuss other business development opportunities, please contact:

Christopher Whalen
Senior Vice President & Managing Director
Tel. 914.827.9272
Cell. 914.645.5304

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