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With risk and stress databases covering every FDIC reporting institution going back almost two decades, IRA is the ideal source to engage for your strategic business planning.

IRA Surveillance Solutions

Complex Indicative Analytics: IRA implemented a "Shadow" CAMELS conditions estimation system using public Call Report data to enable a non-banking U.S. regulator to perform independent surveillance.

Process Specific Solutions: IRA developed a custom volatile liabilities surveillance solution to support regulatory monitoring of FHLB advances, brokered deposits, and other volatile liabilities.

Broad Use Scalability: IRA developed the "Move Your Money" campaign's Find Banks by Zip Code system. And we donated it to the campaign.

Counterparty and Corporate Depositor Risk: IRA has continued to improve it's testing systems to serve the risk transparency assessment needs of counterparties who do business with banks and coprorate treasurers who need to monitor their invested assets.

IRA M&A Support Services

Pre-Packs, Three Ways, Non-Assisted ... and a whole lot more.

Pro Formas built directly from evidentiary grade source filings. Chain of data to the original regulatory variable.

Merge, divest then immediately compute the analytics profile of the synthetic newco.

Look at more what-if scenarios in less time backed up by industry acknowledged subject matter experts.

Policy Development

Industry alternatives.

Government alternatives.

Popular Movement alternatives.

IRA is involved.

While others search for approaches that might work, IRA's measurements put transparency at your fingertips.

IRA Bank Stress Indices (BSI)


IRA Counterparty Quality Scores (CQS)

IRA Economic Capital and RAROC Reports

IRA Bank Wire News Stories

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We also support hosted and remoted databases.

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